A ship of the world’s largest container shipping company docks at Cái Lân port


The Cái Lân International Container Terminal (CICT) in the northern province of Quảng Ninh hosted the Marshall Islands-flagged Synergy Busan on September 14 with a cargo capacity of over 50,000 tonnes, the first container ship in Maersk Lines to dock in the port.

The vessel, which has carried more than 2,000 empty containers, is participating in one of two pilot trips operated by Maersk Lines to assess the economic efficiency of opening an international container route to the port of Cái Lân in the future.

To shorten the length of the proceedings, the Quảng Ninh Province People’s Committee authorized the relevant agencies to conduct a rapid COVID-19 test for all crew members instead of PCR tests. However, they must ensure that there is no direct contact between the ship’s crew and people ashore. Other ships are also not allowed to dock alongside the ship.

The fact that ships from the world’s largest container shipping company are arriving at CICT is a positive signal that Quảng Ninh can harness the advantages of a large deep-water port in the northern region.

Frank Van Rompaey, managing director of Cái Lân International Container Terminal Co. Ltd, said MAERSK container ships are docking at the port because large ships cannot get to other ports in the region, adding that the province de Quảng Ninh should take advantage of this advantage to attract investment. and increase local competitiveness.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship for countries around the world, but Quảng Ninh province has excelled in containing it with the adoption of strict measures.

According to Rompaey, once the international container ship routes through the port of Cái Lân are established, connecting the main markets of the world, in particular Europe, the United States, China, Japan, the Republic Korea and ASEAN, many opportunities will open up. for import and export, attracting investment and developing production in the locality.
Source: Viet Nam News


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