A Toronto-based transport company offers solutions


The Toronto-based shipping company offers local, warehouse and international shipping options for businesses and individuals.

Ontario container shipping company wants the public to know that they will offer help and advice from the planning phase through the shipping phase to receiving the container. No matter the method, Ontario Container Transport offers a solution for all of our customers’ shipping needs.

“We don’t want people to suffer in silence if they have a delivery problem,” a spokesperson said. “We want them to know that we can help them from start to finish with any major or minor maritime venture. It’s not just big freight either. We also help with warehouse distribution. We work with all forms of shipping including land, air and sea, we have it all covered. We can help you with larger shipping containers, international and local truck transport; temperature-controlled shipping options, and more. We use all the latest and latest technology to track all aspects of the shipping process.

“Our warehouse distribution specialists are able to help right from the packing stage, ensuring that all items shipped remain in pristine condition, right through to the actual shipment of the shipment. We can help you with storage and even offer an expedited shipping option for warehouse distribution.

“We have partnered with many companies to make our overseas shipments a safe and secure method of transporting goods. With these types of freight transport, we offer temperature-controlled units, as well as special rates for fully loaded freight bins. We pride ourselves on our competitive costs to our customers, ensuring that when they choose us they can be sure they have chosen the very best.

“All of our freight technicians are fully trained and have the full confidence of our companies in the satisfaction of our customers. No matter what they do, we want you to be completely satisfied with the service we provide. Each of our employees and technicians are fully trained and certified to ensure they can deliver and maintain the level of quality our company is known for.

The Ontario container shipping company also offers air freight services with the same attention to detail and the same professionalism. With cargo and freight options, there are very few limits to what Ontario Container Transport can do for its customers.

“Our company will even help you move, you, your house and even your office. We want to be your partner for everything related to shipping and transportation. We simply provide the highest quality transportation options for all of our customers. Come rain or shine, snow or snow, we always put the safety and integrity of our customers’ packages at the top of our priorities.

About Ontario Container Transport

Ontario Container Transport was founded with the goal of providing first class service to local and international customers in need of shipping and transportation. They put their stamp of approval on every piece of freight that passes through their system, paying attention to every detail to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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Company Name: Container shipping in Ontario
Contact person: Ryan Lynch
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Call: 905-695-1501
Address:6201 AUT 7 West Unit 2 Woodbridge
City: Toronto
State: ON L4H 0K7
Country: Canada
Website: http://octi.ca/


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