AirTerra, an Innovative Parcel Shipping Company, Embarks CDL Last Mile and AxleHire


AirTerra, an innovative parcel shipping company, today announced that it has added CDL Last Mile Solutions and AxleHire, a logistics innovator for last mile delivery, to its double-digit list of carrier partners.

Filling an industry gap in terms of simplified access to carrier diversity, AirTerra consolidates packages from multiple shippers through its own network in major metropolitan areas. The company’s new partnerships with CDL Last Mile Solutions and AxleHire will provide additional last mile capabilities to AirTerra’s “point-to-point” network, designed to ship packages over long areas faster and with a greater degree of control and efficiency than what is traditionally offered.

A family-owned company established in 1955, CDL Last Mile is a leading regional carrier from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic and one of the leaders in ground transportation the next day. The company specializes in urgent next day delivery for e-commerce and online retail shippers looking to cut costs, reduce transit times and add flexibility to their delivery networks.

AxleHire provides last mile logistics solutions for same day, next day and freight delivery. The company’s delivery models meet last-mile delivery needs across multiple industries, including retail, grocery, alcohol, meal kits, and general e-commerce.

AirTerra’s goal is to provide a significant amount of diverse last-mile capacity without the cost and complexity of managing multiple carriers. Mid-sized to enterprise retailers, manufacturers and distribution companies will be able to deliver packages faster and with greater reliability, at lower cost. The end result is reduced delivery time for shippers (and customers), as well as reduced costs and fewer management touchpoints for those deliveries.

Founded in 2020 by supply chain veteran Brent Beabout, who previously led supply chain organizations at companies including Nordstrom, Walmart and Office Depot|OfficeMax, AirTerra went live in the summer 2021 and currently affects more than 60% of the US population. AirTerra’s unique model is focused on connecting regional package carriers, the USPS, and other last-mile providers into a virtual network that delivers packages nationwide.

“As industry veterans, we are seizing the moment by leveraging rapidly changing dynamics in the parcel shipping industry to develop simple solutions for brands looking to cut costs, improve speed and accuracy and achieve greater transparency through carrier diversity,” Beabout said of AirTerra’s goal. “Our goal in providing predictable pricing, full visibility and flexibility is to meet the needs of retailers of all sizes by leveling the playing field. Our partnership with CDL Last Mile and AxleHire allows us to continue to grow our national network and to strengthen our last mile capabilities to support our customers in e-commerce and B2B fulfillment.

AirTerra also recently announced its partnership with ProShip, Inc., the world’s most trusted provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software.

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About AirTerra

AirTerra is an innovative parcel shipping company that solves e-commerce challenges in a unique way so retailers and brands of all sizes can compete on equal footing. With AirTerra, you gain access to more capacity, greater flexibility, and benefit from simplified pricing, contracts, onboarding and carrier management, all without the additional costs required to manage multiple carriers. . We offer simplified diversification. Learn more at

About CDL Last Mile Solutions

Founded in 1955, CDL is a family-owned, last-mile, regional parcel delivery company serving 8 northeastern states from 7 fulfillment centers. The company offers expedited delivery times, flexible pickup options, lower prices than national carriers, and a 98% on-time rating, making the company a leader in urgent package delivery. For more information, visit
About AxeleHire
AxleHire combines innovative technology and superior logistics to provide cost effective and reliable same day and next day delivery services to industry leaders such as HelloFresh, Deliverr, Freshly, Milkbar and others. AxleHire has been specifically designed to help businesses whose businesses rely on reliable and consistent delivery services to get their customers what they need when they need it. AxleHire has multiple locations in cities across the United States, enabling high-volume shippers to meet the growing needs and expectations of their customers. For more information, visit


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