American Shipping Company ASA – 2022 Annual General Meeting Minutes


The 2022 Annual General Meeting of American shipping company ASA was held today as a digital meeting with online participation. All resolutions were taken in accordance with the proposals made in the notice of meeting.

Minutes of the meeting are attached in Norwegian and English and available at You will also find attached the presentation of the AGM.

The general meeting appointed PriceWaterhouseCoopers AS as the company’s new auditor.

The general assembly also elected Frank O.Reite be elected Peter Ditlef Knudsen as members of the Board of Directors for a period of two years.

The Board of Directors is now composed of:

  • Annette Malm Justad (President)
  • Peter Ditlef Knudsen
  • Frank O.Reite

Company details :

Pal MagnussenChief executive officer

+47 24 13 00 04

Morten BakkeFinancial director

+47 24 13 00 87

Leigh JarosController

+1 484 880 3741

On American shipping company ASA:

Founded in 2005 and listed on the Oslo Stock ExchangeAMSC is a ship-owning company with nine modern utility-sized commodity tankers and one modern utility-sized shuttle tanker on bareboat charter with Overseas Shipholding Group (GSO). OSG charters vessels on time to major oil companies in the WE the coastal trade of the Jones Act. AMSC has a significant backlog as well as a profit sharing agreement with OSG which provides visibility into future earnings and potential dividend capacity. The Company aims to pay attractive dividends to its shareholders. Further information is available at For more information on American shipping companyplease visit

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