Complaints Against Shipping Company Reveal Bigger Items That Never Get Delivered


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – This Christmas, you’ll have to rely on more than Santa to get your presents on time. The United States Postal Service estimates they will deliver nearly 950 million packages this holiday season.

But there are many other delivery companies as well, and a WBTV survey raises questions as to why any of them frequently have customers complaining about their high-value products being gone.

J. Edwards ordered a new XBOX for her husband, but if she had bought charcoal instead it would have been a better result.

“Oh, we’re sorry we lost him,” Edwards told WBTV.

Edwards ordered the XBOX Series X through Walmart, and if you’ve tried that before, you’ll know getting one isn’t easy.

“I literally walked up and down the steps and run around the house, got it, got it,” Edwards said.

But soon the overdue notifications started to arrive.

“I clicked on the follow link and that’s when I saw Lasership,” Edwards said.

Lasership describes itself as a reliable last mile delivery company and works with many top brands including Walmart.

But they’ve also racked up a swarm of complaints online, over two thousand filed with the Better Business Bureau.

WBTV’s investigation found a pattern with consumers in North Carolina. Out of 10 complaints filed with the North Carolina attorney general’s office against Lasership in the past year, eight of them relate to a missing game console like the XBOX or PlayStation or Nike shoes.

“My kids love Jordans so I said I was going to get me a pair,” said Paulita Reed.

Reed ordered new Jordans through the Nike store, but they were never delivered by Lasership, although she received a notification that they were dropped off just a minute after they were released for delivery.

“The warehouse is at 28214. I’m staying at 28206. There’s no way to get from here to Camp North End in a minute.” So it’s impossible, ”Reed said.

Nike offered him a refund but Lasership did not.

Edwards said a play mat she ordered for her child appeared to have been opened and, according to Lasership, never even made it to her home.

“It’s like someone looked at him said, oh, I don’t know what this is, I don’t want him to put it back in the box and ship it,” Edwards said.

Edwards says Lasership gave him a fifty dollar XBOX gift certificate that never showed up.

WBTV contacted Lasership to ask what the missing packages were and if there were any internal theft issues. The company did not respond to most of the questions asked, but provided a statement.

Our top priority is and always has been our customers, and we share their frustration with missing packages. We strive to ensure that every package we ship arrives at its destination and encourage customers with problems to contact our customer service team through Our team works around the clock to ensure that packages pass through our network as quickly and securely as possible. “

WBTV has also contacted major brands that use Lasership like Nike and Walmart who use Lasership despite the large number of complaints online.

This afternoon, we had not received a response for this story.

“Why are they still using it? You can’t say you don’t know what’s going on because I know on my own that I’m making sure you know I’m miserable, ”Edwards said.

“I feel like they just need to stop using them at this point because who else is going to have to lose something?” Reed told WBTV.

WBTV also noticed that the company had an A rating on the Better Business Bureau despite having a one star rating in customer reviews. We spoke with a representative from BBB who said that customer reviews and their ratings are two different systems and even though Lasership has over 2,000 customer complaints they are working to resolve them even if it doesn’t end. always by satisfying the customer.

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