Dozens of people file a complaint after the disappearance of rare and expensive sneakers via a shipping company ::


— The shipping company, LaserShip, is investigating itself after dozens of customers reported missing packages. In fact, customers have reported that a particular item disappears in exactly the same way.

LaserShip, which ships packages from Amazon, Walmart and Nike, claims to be the leader in last-mile delivery. However, two Raleigh men claim rare items continue to go missing while in the company’s possession.

Brad Smith owns nearly three dozen pairs of sneakers.

“I like collecting sneakers. I wear them, so it’s a fun thing to do,” he said.

Recently, one of the few pairs of sneakers he was buying online from Nike went missing in transit.

“These sneakers are sold out, so the only way to get them now is to pay two to three times the resale price,” Smith said.

LaserShip lost Smith’s package, but they gave no explanation and told him to contact Nike.

“The Nike rep said to me, you’re probably the 20th person today to call me about this stuff,” Smith said.

The same thing happened to Scott Payne.

“I bought them as a gift, they sold out within minutes of going on sale,” Payne said of a pair of shoes. “I can’t buy another pair.”

Payne ordered the shoes for his sister’s birthday, but LaserShip lost them in transit.

“I was able to call Nike and get a refund for the shoes, which was also quite surprising because Nike didn’t ask any questions,” Payne said.

In the past six months, 18 complaints have been filed with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office. All but one of the complaints relate to the non-delivery of limited, high-priced Nike shoes.

Many of these complaints also accuse LaserShip employees of stealing these packages.

“When a shipment gets lost, it’s a coincidence,” Payne said. “When dozens of shipments get lost, it’s a conspiracy.”

LaserShip originally told 5 On Your Side that “the top priority is and always has been our customers, and we share their frustration with delayed or missing packages. Our team works hard to ensure packages pass through our network as quickly and safely as possible”.

But when 5 On Your Side asked Lasership about claims employees were stealing packages, the company said it hired an outside investigator to figure out how the packages went missing and to prevent it from happening again.

I would love to see LaserShip take some level of responsibility,” Smith said. “LaserShip just has to do the right thing.

5 On Your Side also contacted Nike several times for comment, but received no response.


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