Greek Shipping Company Deploys Specter of Navarino with Infinity – Digital Ship


The shipping company Z. & G. Halcoussis, which has a fleet of seven bulk carriers equipped with Navarino’s Fleet Xpress (FX) and Infinity Plus, recently added Navarino’s Spectrum service to its suite of solutions for IT managers.

“After studying the smart box solutions market, we quickly realized that Infinity was the benchmark. Simply put, it’s much more developed and feature-rich than any of the other options out there. It has an easy-to-use interface, which I work with on a daily basis – for example, it allows me to remotely connect to any computer in our fleet and make the necessary changes. I can also use the virtualization capabilities of Infinity Plus to create virtual machines to test new software or to serve as a ship server, which saves me a lot of time and allows me to deploy new things smoothly ”, explained Dimitris Garefalakis, IT manager of Z. & G. Halcoussis.

“Spectrum is the perfect complement to Infinity as it is a great tool for monitoring all devices on board our ships, including PCs, processors, RAM usage and certificates. It allows us to update them quickly whenever needed and we can schedule important updates, such as Windows updates, at times when the vessel’s network traffic is low. Especially during the pandemic, when visiting ships can be difficult, Spectrum is a great way to ‘virtually visit’ and ensure that all devices on board are in peak condition – a task that is not easy to do. explain to crews who may not have the necessary computer knowledge. perform these tasks themselves, even with telephone support. Spectrum also alerts us if something changes on our in-vehicle devices, stops responding or goes offline, allowing us to quickly investigate, respond and resolve such issues, ”he continued.

John Kapaklis, Director of Operations at Z. & G. Halcoussis explained: “Navarino has provided our fleet with a range of connectivity and technology solutions that have really helped us improve the way our vessels operate. Fleet Xpress has proven to be a very reliable service and the connectivity it enables has opened the door to several new features, such as Infinity and Spectrum, which simplify our day-to-day operations, are more profitable and improve the way we do business.

“Some of the facilities were in difficult places, but everything went well. The installation engineers were well trained and in direct contact 24/7 with the Navarino field service team which we enjoyed very much, and in most cases the FX service was uploaded within 12 hours. We appreciate the speed and responsiveness of Navarino’s after-sales team – whenever there are connectivity issues on board their expertise really shows how quickly they are resolved which is important because of course , it is a top priority for us to ensure that our fleet can operate. seamlessly around the world. FX is well known for the high speeds it offers and we believe that with the addition of the 5th GX satellite, speeds have improved even further in the Middle East and Europe. We are very satisfied with our partnership with Navarino and we love working with a company that is constantly innovating for its customers.

Ioannis Brougiannakis, Navarino Account Director for Halcoussis, said: “At Navarino we strive to provide a 5 star customer experience and I am very happy to hear that Mr. Kapaklis and Mr. Garefalakis are satisfied with both of our services and support. As a very modern and advanced naval operator, Halcoussis needed solutions that could help them maintain a cutting edge approach to their business and this is what Navarino helped them to implement on their fleet. I look forward to continuing to work closely with them and to continue to meet the needs of their vessels with as much efficiency and dedication as we offer to all of our partners.


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