How to buy with the LBC Shipping Cart


How to Buy and Ship Internationally from Amazon

Would you like to ship your favorite products to international destinations like the Philippines, but not sure if your address is eligible or not? Fortunately, LBC Shipping Cart is a company that allows you to ship products anywhere in the world.

Using the LBC Shipping Cart

What is the LBC Shipping Basket?

LBC Shipping Cart is a website that allows you to purchase products from US-based online stores, such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, with added convenience. It provides you with a “US Virtual Address” which can be used for shipping to Amazon. Once your Amazon order arrives at your “address” that LBC has provided, LBC will add it to your account along with the shipping charges. These fees are easily paid through the Amazon interface.

This means you can buy whatever you choose, even if it is not eligible for shipping to the Philippines.

How to Purchase Using the LBC Shipping Cart

Ship to the Philippines

1. Register at

It’s the Shipping basket to place. You can choose to sign up with your Facebook account or your email address. The site will give you a virtual US address that you will use as your “address” on Amazon.

2. Log in to Amazon.

You can now use Amazon services! Click on “Buy now”Listed next to the desired item.

3. Use the US virtual address provided by LBC Shipping Cart.

Use this address in this field whether or not you are shipping overseas or overseas.

4. Enter your payment method, Visa or Mastercard, and enter your bank details.

You can use PHP currency to estimate the exact amount you are going to pay.

5. Wait for Amazon shipped to your virtual address in the United States.

It depends on the date Amazon provides you.

6. You will receive another email from LBC Shipping Cart once the order has arrived.

Now this is where you will deal with the shipping from the United States to the Philippines.

7. Click on the link provided by LBC Shipping Cart and fill in the requested information.

Fill in your Philippine address, click on the details (you will not be able to continue without viewing them) and check the box confirming that you have read the terms and conditions.

8. Secure payment.

Finalize your shipping details and information and confirm any other product specific requirements.

9. Select your payment option.

Confirm your payment method and proceed to confirmation.

10. You will now be directed to your transmitter.

Save your confirmation and digital receipt to complete the LBC shipping cart process.


The LBC Shipping Basket is a great way to get your favorite products shipped to international regions, including the Philippines. Check out the latest products on amazon and other US based suppliers, as you can now have them shipped directly to your international location.

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