Kale Logistics Chosen by Mediterranean Shipping Company to Provide Electronic Delivery Solution to Thai Shipping Industry



Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale) has partnered with TIFFA EDI Services to provide the CODEX Electronic Delivery Order (e-DO) service to Mediterranean Shipping Company (Thailand) to digitally enable all stakeholders.

Developed in partnership with TIFFA, CODEX e-DO services allow freight forwarders, shipping companies, customs brokers, importers and terminal operators to exchange and receive delivery notes in digital form rather than in paper form.

The CODEX e-DO platform enables multiple stakeholders to conduct their business activities through a digital interface, allowing stakeholders to submit an e-DO request to the shipping company.

All e-DO details are taken from the manifest file, which is provided in EDI format by the shipping company in advance to minimize data entry, with most steps being automated from request to issuance of the delivery slip.

The new contract with TIFFA and MSC (Thailand), the world’s second largest container shipping company, was signed on November 15 and will strengthen Kale’s presence in Thailand.

“Kale has a long-standing relationship with Thailand and the stakeholders here. We have a major role to play in the digitization of air freight, as well as in the maritime sector, ”said Vineet Malhotra, Director of Kale Logistics Solutions.

“Our domain expertise and experience working in 27 countries and executing global IT projects in the ocean and air cargo space will add value to our CODEX Port Community System (PCS) platform in Thailand. “

The CODEX e-DO will digitize and streamline all commercial goods exchange processes for MSC (Thailand), increasing the efficiency of document management and enabling work from anywhere, thanks to cloud-based technology and a mobile version of the application.

When the terminal releases the cargo in its app, the e-DO automatically updates itself through the web API, with electronic cargo release certificates and status updates available around the clock.

In addition to offering increased security, by facilitating paperless operations, e-DO also minimizes the risk of viral transmission and the spread of Covid by reducing physical contact between staff and manual handling of documents.

“With our CODEX e-DO used by MSC (Thailand), Kale is focusing on playing a key role in improving Thailand’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) ranking with the World Bank and Trade Facilitation Agreement initiatives with the World Trade Organization (WTO) continue to grow, ”said Malhotra.

Suwit Ratanachinda, President of TIFFA EDI Services, said, “We are offering this solution to alleviate the difficult risk situation posed by COVID-19 for all stakeholders. The old delivery note (DO) process, which is time consuming and paper intensive, is prone to errors and increases the spread of the virus through document exchange.

“The initiative of the e-DO service is to facilitate the conduct of business for freight forwarders, shipping companies, carriers, terminal operators and port authorities.

During the ceremony, Peter Blohm, Managing Director of Mediterranean Shipping (Thailand) Co. Ltd, said: “MSC (Thailand) has provided superior customer service to the shipping industry for 20 years.

“By working with Kale’s partner TIFFA EDI to deliver this new service, we are committed to making a significant contribution to superior economic growth for all Thai entrepreneurs and the logistics trade community.

“We anticipate the benefits of the CODEX e-DO system to provide services to MSC customers. “
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