Mersk launches online shipping service


The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) recently hosted an online webinar in conjunction with Mersk, a world leading logistics company, on simple online shipping methods available to SME exporters in Sri Lanka. Lanka.

The objective of the webinar was to provide information on the many new opportunities available with exporters in the shipping industry.

Mersk, a leading shipping company, presented its online shipping service – Twill to the attendees. Twill is a tailored, end-to-end customer experience designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses. Twill’s vision is to create a world where products and services can flow freely for everyone – a vision that has already won over more than 5,000 active customers.

Twill strives to provide small and medium businesses with a simple, reliable and easy to use online platform to manage their logistics efficiently and without hassle.

The platform offers better control of shipments by offering instant quotes and bookings, transparency and tracking services, simplified paperwork and proactive customer service.

Twill’s customers can move shipping containers port-to-port or door-to-door while offering a wide range of logistics solutions, from transportation to customs clearance. Twill customers are assured of individual support from Mersk throughout the process. For more information, visit sergé.net.

Customer Engagement Manager, Ms. Mariya Kaed, and Customer Success Partner representing Mersk, Ms. Limasha Vitharana, introduced the online platform to the attendees.

Actg. Ms. Achini Weerawardhana, Director, Trade Facilitation and Trade Information Division, EDB, also took the floor.


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