Mount Pleasant shipping company says send mail now or risk late Christmas deliveries


MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – The last day to ship via the United States Postal Service for scheduled Christmas Day delivery is December 18.

Pak Mail in Mount Pleasant says there are other ways to post, but customers must act quickly to ensure delivery before Christmas.

“Enter as soon as you can. My computer can tell you that something happens in a day or two. But once it leaves our store and is in the hands of the carrier, you may see an additional one or two day delay,” said store co-owner Trey Carden.

Carden says delays have occurred across the country. Some are due to winter weather in the Midwest. While the delays aren’t as severe as they have been according to Carden, he sees the volume of packages increasing.

“We don’t see entire terminals being delayed at this point,” Carden said. “You know our FedEx girl probably picked up 200 packages the other day and normally she only picks up 40-50.”

Carden says the busiest shipping day of the year for Pak Mail will be December 20. Store customers are already seeing lines elsewhere.

“It’s the second store I’ve been to, because at the last store, there was no longer a queue. Came here and glad it wasn’t too crowded. It’s starting to be the critical moment. Everything is starting to get busy. I think next week there will be lines at the door. Which is great for the business, but harder on the consumer,” said Joe Good of Mount Pleasant.

Across the parking lot from the Northcutt Plaza mall, the Liam John clothing store has experienced delays for its products.

“Sometimes places that usually take one day delivery take two or two take three,” said AT Norwood, the store’s general manager. “It gets frustrating sometimes because you’re either paying extra or the same amount for items to arrive at a certain time.”

USPS says Dec. 23 is the last day to ship Priority Mail Express service, but they say they can’t guarantee delivery by Christmas Day this late in the week.

“A lot of postal service options are going to be out of reach to get them there by Christmas. But we still have plenty of FedEx and UPS options that can get across the country on time,” Carden said.


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