MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, the world’s largest container line, accelerates its digital transformation using Marlink solutions


Marlink, the smart grid company, partners with MSC, the world’s largest container shipping company, to support the shipping company’s ambitious digitization goals, using Marlink’s hybrid network solutions and advanced IT management and secure.

Marlink is deploying a fully managed hybrid network solution, bundling its VSAT connectivity with L-band backup and global 4G connectivity across 127 vessels, providing MSC with seamless and secure connectivity to run its critical commercial and crew applications. This hybrid network solution is fully secured by Marlink’s cyber detection service which scans incoming and outgoing network traffic in real time to detect targeted cyber threats and takes immediate countermeasures to remediate incidents. This way, the shipping giant can keep its remote vessels securely connected.

The next phase of MSC’s digitization strategy sees the deployment of Marlink’s ITLink management solution across the fleet. MSC has taken decisive steps to increase the standardization of its on-board computer systems and to meet IMO 2021 requirements, allowing fleet managers to monitor computer systems and operational software from land. ITLink allows MSC fleet managers to remotely access their on-board computer networks for monitoring and troubleshooting in a secure environment and enables the application of fleet-wide software updates and patches – a win major efficiency improvement for the leader in container transport.

Container shipping lines are among the most advanced shipping companies in adopting operational digital systems to support customer service. As a global leader, MSC is committed to meeting the needs of its customers with more efficient, sustainable and compliant shipping operations. As a long-time partner, Marlink addresses these needs beyond pure connectivity by providing the highest security and standardized computing for remote support, access and monitoring by making the IT plane of the floats the same on each ship for increased efficiency.

“Marlink understands the critical requirements that govern container lines; operate a global service with great attention to asset availability, service reliability and security which require a global approach,” says Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink. “Our partnership with MSC will enable them to create a digital ecosystem that supports efficient vessel operations and compliance, powered by world-class connectivity.”

About Marlink
Marlink is the trusted partner in fully managed smart grid solutions based on intelligent hybrid grid and unparalleled digital solutions.

The company provides Smart Network Solutions, connecting people and assets around the world and in all markets where conventional connectivity cannot reach or is not available. by Marlink Smart hybrid network combines global and terrestrial satcom technologies through a proprietary global infrastructure.

The Marlink smart edgean integrated service delivery platform, orchestrates and optimizes all network elements and applications, from data management and computing to application-based routing (SD Wan), cloud and digital solutions, including data and remote computing, cybersecurity as well as IoT/OT solutions.

This provides customers with complete “peace of mind” as the chosen network solution is fully optimized, integrated and has the security required to operate more cost-effectively and sustainably, increasing their efficiency and security through operational optimization, tracking and routing, monitoring and reporting.

Marlink’s smart grid solutions are provided as Managed Services meeting the highest quality standards and service level agreements. The company proactively monitors and supports network solutions, providing alerts, reports, and insights into connectivity, system, and application performance and usage, as well as advice and guidance on way to further optimize customer networks.

Please visitwww.marlink.comfor more information.

About MSC
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global company active in the maritime transport and logistics sector. Present in 155 countries, MSC facilitates international trade between the world’s major economies and between emerging markets on all continents.

Founded in 1970 and based in Geneva, Switzerland since 1978, MSC is a private organization run by the Aponte family. A world leader in container shipping, MSC has grown from a one-ship operation to a globally respected company with a fleet of 600 ships and over 100,000 employees.

MSC provides goods and services to local communities, customers and international business partners. With access to an integrated global network of road, rail and sea transportation resources, the company prides itself on providing global service with local knowledge.

Through a network of 524 offices, MSC ensures that shippers can speak directly to our representatives, as well as using a variety of e-commerce solutions for digitized freight bookings. Responding to the needs of our customers, MSC is a major driver of the evolution of smart containers in our industry, helping to set the standards for digital shipping.

MSC calls at 500 ports on more than 230 trade routes, transporting some 23 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) per year, via a modern fleet, equipped with the latest green technologies.

Over the years, MSC has diversified its business to include land transport, logistics and a growing portfolio of port terminal investments. Today, our focus remains true to our roots and we continue to build and maintain trusted, long-term partnerships with customers of all sizes and scales.


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