Pavel Vinogradov appointed general director of Volga Shipping Company


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Yury Gilts takes the position of adviser to the general manager

By decision of the general meeting of shareholders of Volga Shipping Company, Pavel Vinogradov was appointed general director of the company. Pavel Vinogradov will take office on September 1, 2022, according to the company’s press release.

Pavel Vinogradov was born in 1978. In 2001 he graduated from Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. For the past three years, Pavel Vinogradov has served as Deputy General Manager for Strategy and Development at Freight One JSC. Previously, he held senior positions at Utair, McKinsey & Company, Rio Tinto Alcan.

In June 2021, Pavel Vinogradov entered the board of directors of the joint-stock company Volga Shipping Company. In July 2021, he joined the Board Committee for Strategies and Investments.

In the near future, the main tasks of Pavel Vinogradov as General Director will be the development of the growth strategy of Volga Shipping Company, improving the quality of customer service, improving the efficiency of operation of the fleet and the implementation of certain strategic projects.

“In the current reality, when the logistics market is going through major changes, the professional experience and competence of Pavel Vinogradov will be highly usable for the fulfillment of the strategic tasks of Volga Shipping Company”, underlined Igor Feodorov, President from the administration board.

Yury Gilts, who was previously the head of Volga Shipping Company JSC, took the post of adviser to the general director of the company.

“Yury Gilts has greatly contributed to the development of the company. While thanking Yury Gilts for the work done, we express our confidence that his vast professional experience and deep understanding of business process integration issues will be of great benefit to the company,” commented Igor Feodorov.

Founded in 1843, the Volga Shipping Company is one of Russia’s largest shipping companies. The fleet under operational management of the company has approximately 250 units with a total deadweight of over 1.4 million tonnes. The company transports more than 15 million tons of freight per year. The range of services offered by Volga Shipping Company includes: dry bulk, liquid bulk and project transportation along the inland waterways of Russia by river and international routes.


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