Sea Lead, world leader in shipping, moves from California to Jacksonville


Sea Lead’s enhanced service will mark its first scheduled service to the US East Coast and will be serviced by four vessels with an average capacity of 6,100 tons. With the goal of rolling out a bi-weekly rotation in the near future, Sea Lead is exploring possible vessel sharing arrangements throughout Florida to further improve the frequency of service.

“We are delighted to introduce this new service and new destinations for our customers. Port congestion has been a challenge for everyone recently and this will enable us to serve more efficient ports for our customers,” said Cho Kit Wei, Managing Director SeaLead. “We are confident that the market and our partners will respond well to the service, and we look forward to developing strong partnerships on this business path.”

DeSantis partially attributed the increased costs to the aforementioned supply chain shortages, seeking to alleviate the problem for the state’s economy by positioning Florida to accept diverted freight from locations constrained by the delays in the supply chain and loss of productivity. With major cargo seaports with extra capacity like JAXPORT and Port Everglades along the Atlantic coast, or Port Tampa Bay and Port Panama City in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida retains the capacity to bear the brunt of the burden.

“On the supply chain side, we are one state, but we are proud of our port and have invested heavily in our ports. Florida is part of the solution. You have all these ships that will just be sitting off the coast of California or Savannah, Georgia, or wherever, we’ve said we have capacity here in JaxPort and elsewhere in Florida, and we’re ready to help bring the goods to market,” DeSantis said.

Amid local and city council mismanagement, a plethora of businesses are leaving California in an exodus to settle in states where they are free to operate their businesses. Florida has maintained its status as the state accepting the most businesses, scoring several dozen since 2021, with Sea Lead being the latest.

“If you want to grow Miami’s reputation as an international technology/startup hub and make Miami the city of the future, we want to hear from you,” said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. “Let’s work together to strengthen innovation and catalyze entrepreneurship.


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