SHIP REVIEW | Dallas – Shallow draft tanker for a Dutch inland shipping company



Photo: RensenDriessen Shipbuilding

Dutch companies RensenDriessen Shipbuilding and TeamCo Shipyard have handed over a new tanker to local shipowner Unibarge.

dallas was designed by RensenDriessen, who were also responsible for hull construction, while final fitting took place at TeamCo’s facilities in Heusden. This is the fifth vessel to be completed by TeamCo for the same client. The new tanker is named after the city of Dallas, Texas, in keeping with Unibarge’s practice of naming many ships in its fleet after cities in North America.

dallas has a length of 110 meters, a width of 11.45 meters, a draft of 3.4 meters, a depth of 4.65 meters and eight cargo tanks each capable of carrying 380 cubic meters. As with the other vessels in the Unibarge fleet, the new construction will be operated mainly in inland waters.

Photo: RensenDriessen Shipbuilding

The tanker is powered by a Mitsubishi S12R main engine that produces 1,054 kW at 1,650 rpm. The EU Stage V certified engine is also equipped with systems that reduce the nitrogen and particulate content of the exhaust gases.

Another notable feature is a deck height detector installed by Sensor Maritime. This sensor equipped with an alarm warns the crew of any risk of imminent collision which could be caused by the wheelhouse of the tanker hitting a bridge or any other low structure. This function prompts the crew to change course or lower the wheelhouse to avoid a collision.

Maritime software company Shipping Technology has equipped the tanker with systems that collect data on vessel performance and voyage parameters such as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This functionality will allow Unibarge to decide on optimal shipping routes to minimize operating costs more effectively. Many other vessels in the Unibarge fleet are similarly equipped by Shipping Technology.

dallas will join the other tankers in the Unibarge fleet to supply petroleum products to various customers in Western Europe via the Rhine and Danube as well as the Kiel Canal in northern Germany.

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Vessel type: Oil tanker
Flag: Netherlands
Owner: Unibarge, Netherlands
Designate: Rensen shipbuildingDriessen, the Netherlands
Manufacturer: RensenDriessen Shipbuilding, Netherlands; TeamCo Shipyard, The Netherlands
Total length: 110 meters
Shine: 11.45 meters
Disorganized: 3.4 meters
Depth: 4.65 meters
Ability: 3,040 cubic meters
Main engine: Mitsubishi S12R, 1,054 kW @ 1,650 rpm
Alarm/surveillance systems: Sensor Sea deck height finder; Shipping Technology Travel Parameter Sensors
Operational area: Rhine; Danube; Kiel Canal, Germany

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