Shipping company DHL is the first customer of Eviation’s electric cargo planes


Logistics provider DHL Express adds electric cargo planes to its fleet, becoming the first customer of Aviation, a Seattle-based electric aviation company.

Why is this important: As on-demand delivery explodes, shipping and logistics providers like DHL are under pressure to make every mode of their operations more sustainable – planes, trucks, last mile delivery vans and even their buildings.

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Driving the news: DHL announced today that it has ordered 12 fully electric Alice cargo planes from Eviation and expects to take delivery in 2024.

Details: Alice, which can be configured for freight or passengers, takes 30 minutes or less to charge per flight hour and has a maximum range of around 500 miles.

  • It can be flown by a single pilot and carry up to 2,600 pounds, and can operate in environments where piston and turbine airplanes are currently used.

  • As with electric automobiles, fewer moving parts mean lower maintenance costs and increased reliability, according to Eviation.

  • Its operating software continuously monitors flight performance to ensure optimum efficiency. A first flight is scheduled for later this year.

What they say : “From day one, we set ourselves the bold goal of transforming the aviation industry and creating a new era with electric aircraft, ”said Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay.

What to watch: DHL plans to build several zero-emission Alice power grids in the United States, targeting the west coast and southeastern United States

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