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Hamilton –

As the holiday season dawns, shipping companies like DHL Express Canada expect a big business boom.

Currently, the Hamilton Gateway facility sorts about 50,000 to 55,000 shipments per day, but that number is expected to peak at 100,000 by the second Monday in December.

The hub is located at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.

This is where packages are unloaded from planes and sent through the automated sorting system.

“The system incorporates intelligent logic to indicate where this shipment needs to go,” said Darryl Wettlaufer, vice president of operations, DHL Express Canada.

Wettlaufer added depending on the destination, packages are directed to the reloading area to continue their journey to another facility, or to courier trucks for delivery.

“We can sort 28,000 consignments per hour on our two sorting belts in this building, which really speeds up the flow,” Wettlaufer added.

A package can pass through building sorting systems in as little as 90 seconds.

Currently, 350 employees work at the Hamilton plant, but the company is actively hiring them. It continued to see increased demand for its services, largely due to supply chain constraints during a pandemic.

“As ports and airports closed around the world, more and more companies have moved to a faster, more time-bound model to meet their volume,” Wettlaufer said.

Wettlaufer noted that they are already seeing increased shipping volumes in October and November, as companies try to get ahead of supply chain challenges and people start Christmas shopping earlier than they wouldn’t do it before the pandemic.

Wettlaufer’s advice to anyone ordering or sending packages this holiday season is simple: do it early.

“My biggest tip, especially this year with supply chain challenges unfamiliar to the world, is to place your orders and get your shipments out as soon as possible. Last minute shopping can be quite dangerous.


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