Shipping company Navassa takes advantage of recession to support Ukrainian refugees


Before reaching the hands of Ukrainian refugees, donated supplies from across the country first pass through this shipping company in Navassa.

Moto Leader Global began accepting donations earlier this month, hoping to ship two containers of supplies to those in need using the company’s existing supply chain infrastructure.

Two weeks later, buses full of donations arrive every week. According to Moto executive assistant Leslie Smith, they are now close to filling seven shipping containers and expect donations to continue through April.

“All morning I’ve just been answering emails from people who still want to send donations from Delaware, Boston, New York, Ohio, Virginia,” Smith said. “We’re just the facilitator. Everybody wants to do something and the word is spreading that, oh, there’s a way to help.

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Moto ships salvaged cars to Eastern Europe, but with the conflict in Ukraine business has all but stopped, allowing the company to use its empty containers for supplies to refugees.

However, in the coming weeks, Moto plans to expand its operations in South America, meaning it will use half of its containers for its business and the other half for donations.

At its Navassa site, Moto Leader Global has collected nearly seven shipping containers filled with supplies for Ukrainian refugees from donors across the country.

Smith, who coordinated the nationwide donation campaign, said it had been a tall order, but worth it.

“I’m not going to lie, I kinda drowned just trying to keep it all straight.” she says. “But the energy of the people keeps me going. Everyone is so grateful, so grateful to help, so excited to be able to participate.

After initial delays at port, Smith said the first shipments arrived overseas and were unloaded on March 23.

“Being immersed in this side for the past few weeks, I’m really looking forward to seeing how our collective efforts will all play out on the ground, in a war zone,” she said.

At its Navassa site, Moto Leader Global has collected nearly seven shipping containers filled with supplies for Ukrainian refugees from donors across the country.

The company is accepting food, clothing, medical supplies and other donations at its Navassa location, 1270 Cedar Hill Road, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. All items must be new or like new.

A full list of supplies is below, or people can purchase items using the company’s Amazon wish listwho will send the donations to the Moto office.

Smith said a wide variety of supplies were donated, with food, blankets, baby supplies, feminine products and sleeping bags being critical needs.

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what to give

REFUGEE SUPPLIES: Baby formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, children’s Tylenol, feminine hygiene products, sleeping bags, sheets, pencils, small toys and winter clothing.

MEDICAL MATERIAL: First aid kits, bandages (small and large), elastic bandages, analgesics, haemostatic bandages, gauze/compresses, antibiotic ointments, disinfectants, anti-inflammatory drugs, hydrogel, 5 ml syringes, medical gloves, thermometers, scissors for cutting clothing, tourniquets, forceps, anti-haemorrhage gels/sticks, nasopharyngeal tubes, oropharyngeal tubes.

SUPPLIES FOR SOLDIERS: Underwear, thermal underwear (L/XL), cotton socks, beanies, winter wear, balaclavas, gaiters, military boots, shoe inserts, blankets, red light headlamps, batteries.

FOOD: Energy bars, convenience foods, instant foods, canned foods, energy drinks, packaged tea/coffee, quick noodles, vitamins.

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