Shipping company opens rail hub in Ogun state



Nigerian shipping and freight logistics service provider Hull Blyth has opened a rail hub in Wasimi, Ewekoro local government area in Ogun state, for use by importers and exporters .

The Wasimi Rail Hub, the first of its kind in Nigeria, will allow shippers to receive and import containers from the port of Apapa, and also send export or empty containers to the port by rail.

Hull Blyth chief executive Mr. Christian Holm, who revealed this in a statement released by the company on Thursday, said the new rail hub would save shippers the hassle and high costs of transporting their containers to / from the port by road. .

“We started this project because we are concerned about the difficulties experienced by shippers in moving their boxes to and from the port of Apapa in Lagos due to the congestion on the access road to the port.

“We are happy to inform all shippers in the southwest and other parts of Nigeria that they no longer have to worry about transporting their containers by truck to Apapa. Just send it to us in Wasimi and we’ll be happy to move it to Apapa Port by rail.

“Importers also simply have to hand their shipments to us at the Port of Apapa and we will transport them by rail to Wasimi from where they will go to the final destination.

“It is time for shippers to take advantage of federally re-launched rail services and free themselves from the stress and high costs associated with road transportation,” said Mr. Holm.

The managing director of Hull Blyth said empty containers returned to the Wasimi Rail Hub will not result in demurrage as they will be deemed to have been returned to the shipping company.

“The rail hub brings several benefits to the Nigerian business community and economy. In addition to halving the costs associated with container trucking, it will also save importers and their agents the money they spend on demurrage payments.

“It is because we have agreed with the shipping companies that containers delivered to the Wasimi Rail Hub from any part of the country will be deemed to be returned to the shipping company and will not attract demurrage,” he said. he declares.

He said the rail hub had started to operate at full capacity, with the first train of export containers and empty containers having been successfully delivered to APM terminals at the Port of Apapa “within hours of the transit from Wasimi. “.

Holm said the Wasimi Rail Hub will save importers, exporters and agents up to 50% in logistics costs because it is much cheaper to transport goods by train.

He said the Wasimi Rail Hub is the forerunner of a dry port, which is already under construction. When completed, the dry port will have the capacity to handle up to 7,000 TEUs and will be fully connected to the port of Apapa by rail.

A beneficiary of the first rail service, Ms. Dede Yebovi of Quinet International expressed her satisfaction with the ease of transferring exports from Ogun State by rail to the port of Apapa. She was particularly impressed that the service saved her business costs and provided faster transport compared to road transport.

With many years of experience and a solid reputation as a multi-industry shipping agent and freight logistics service provider, Hull Blyth prides itself on operational excellence and a reliable partner for the supply chain management. supply.


Shipping company opens rail hub in Ogun state

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