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The truth is, she says, that New Glarus Brewing makes as much beer as possible.

“I mean, I’m sure I could grow the brewery and double its capacity and attract more investors and stuff, but seriously, come on,” she said. “We’re just about to make great beer, not to be the biggest. “

New Glarus has never sought wholesalers to sell out of state or expand its distribution territory, which it is free to do. The company was simply exploring the possibility of selling online. “But after looking at it, we were like, ‘Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. “”

People can still buy Spotted Cow and drive it beyond the Wisconsin borders themselves, but the company won’t ship or mail it.

top rated seller

Spotted Cow, a farmhouse beer, is the company’s best-selling beer. New Glarus will brew around 245,000 barrels of beer this year, Carey said, including 25-30% for Spotted Cow.

She said Moon Man, an Indian lager, and Two Women, a lager, sold almost as well. Moon Man, Carey said, accounts for 30% of IPAs sold in the state.

Spotted Cow does not compete with other state beers because it is in a class of its own. “It’s his own style,” said Carey. “It’s something Dan just created. So there aren’t a whole bunch of other farmhouse beers to consider when it comes to sales.


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