Thai Mediterranean Shipping Line Moves To One Hundred Percent Electronic Delivery Orders Using Kale’s Electronic Solution


Kale Logistics Solutions and TIFFA EDI’s CODEX Electronic Delivery Order (e-DO) service have already delivered significant time and cost savings to their customers since MSC Thailand went live in February.

“The benefit we get from CODEX e-DO is that we can reduce traffic at our counters because customers no longer need to obtain a paper document to exchange or receive goods,” said Rungruedee Kurutuch, Director Deputy General, Mediterranean Shipping (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“In addition, customers can save time and money by delivering physical DO copies to their offices in different locations for freight delivery.

“Further efficiencies are achieved through the ability to manage all import cargo clearance processes on a single platform.”

The e-DO solution automatically updates information when a terminal releases cargo, meaning electronic cargo release certificates and shipment status updates are available around the clock.

Transferring documents digitally and reducing manual processing increases security and minimizes the risk of error.

“It is an important milestone that MSC Thailand has decided to digitize 100% of our traditional DO to the e-DO service to make it easier for our customers to do business in Thailand,” Kurutuch said.

“It’s not always easy to change traditional ways of working in the logistics supply chain and move everyone from importers/brokers to carriers and terminals/depots from paper to fully electronic release of goods , but once everyone has adapted to the new environment, we will all benefit from this long-term change.

“This partnership with TIFFA-EDI and MSC Shipping strengthens our collaboration in the Thai shipping industry,” said Vineet Malhotra, Director and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions.

“We have already seen a 25% increase in the number of delivery notes processed through the CODEX platform by MSC in Thailand.
“With e-DO penetration gaining traction with all MSC customers, we are confident that automation will speed up the process, reduce workload, improve overall compliance and contribute to faster delivery of the freight.”

With the help of Kale’s electronic delivery ordering solution, MSC has made significant progress towards its goal of contributing to the economic growth of the Thai logistics industry, and will continue to work towards this goal while improving efficiency. and service for its customers.
Source: Meanwhile Global


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