The subsidiary of the giant Swiss Shipping Company MSC signs an agreement with Panama for job opportunities for Panamanian sailors


The world’s leading ship registry (Panama) with more than 8,500 ships registered under its flag and MSC Shipmanagement Limited, a subsidiary of shipping giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world leader in terms of container ship capacity and our ship registry, one of their largest customers, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

This Memorandum of Understanding is intended to promote mechanisms that facilitate the promotion of employment opportunities for Panamanian officers, cadets and junior personnel and the establishment of specialized maritime education and training programs for sailors. Panamanians who are required to work on board the various ship segments, whether operated, owned or for which MSC Shipmanagement Limited provides crew management services, including the recruitment and placement of officers, junior staff and officer cadets.

The Director of the General Directorate of Seafarers of AMP, Juan Maltez, stressed that this is a great achievement for Panama, where currently the seafarer contract market is showing an encouraging development and behavior. , after having received a strong impetus, thanks to this management, thanks to its approach of coordination and union of efforts with the different maritime, logistics and port sectors, public and private maritime universities, as well as the visit of important companies and maritime companies, to promote the placement in the national and international maritime industry of Panamanian officers, cadets and sailors, who have high-level professional training, competitiveness and who are at the forefront of technological requirements that guarantee a safe and reliable maritime transport, promoting the image of our country and the competence of our sailors”.

Source: Panama Maritime Authority

For Panama, the Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP), signed the agreement, represented by the director of the Directorate General of Seafarers (DGGM), Juan Maltez and, on behalf of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) , signed Captain Prabhat Jha, General Group Administrator and CEO of MSC Shipmanagement Ltd Cyprus. Also present were the Ambassador and Consul General of Panama in Greece and recurrent in Cyprus, HE Julie Lymberopulos.

MSC Shipmanagement Limited, the youngest member of the MSC family, is engaged in the management operations of approximately 500 ships through the growth of human capital, the development and adoption of the right technology and the continued collaboration of the maritime industry, for which it employs nearly 14,000 people, including ground staff in Cyprus, India, Ukraine and the Philippines, as well as qualified crews on board cargo ships and cruise ships managed by MSC.
Source: Panama Maritime Authority


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