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CHARLOTTE — Thousands of customers across the country have complained about shipping company LaserShip.

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They say the items they ordered online arrived at the company’s warehouse in Charlotte, but not at their home.

The company calls itself a “last mile delivery carrier” and has a warehouse in West Charlotte.


Many companies use the company, including big brands like Nike.

There have been 17 people who have used LaserShip in the Charlotte area who have contacted Acton 9.

Hector Alvarez said he only wants his Nike Air Jordans.

“They sold for about $220 or so,” Alvarez said. “So with shipping, usually around $240,” he said. “And I had them shipped here to my house, of course, and they used LaserShip.”

Alvarez followed up and said the shoes arrived at the LaserShip warehouse, but he didn’t receive them.

He said 11 days have passed.

“Every day I was checking, six to seven times, refreshing the page,” Alvarez said. “You expect to receive them in the mail and you never do. It’s really irritating.

Alvarez said Nike returned his money.

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“Nike was nice enough. Of course they will refund you the money. They know things happen,” he said.

Alvarez has bought similar Air Jordans elsewhere, but he still wants LaserShip to do better.

“How is it possible that this is an ongoing problem?” he said. “They need to find the root of the problem and fix it.”

BBB review and local complaints

LaserShip has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

However, there have been over 2,300 complaints over the past three years, more than half of them in the past 12 months.

Some of these cases also involved expensive tennis shoes, but not all of them.

One person wrote: “It’s so frustrating. My son’s Christmas present (Jordan shoes) never arrived.

Another said: ‘Package makes it all the way to Charlotte and is mysteriously stuck in the warehouse.

A third person claimed to have ordered the Air Jordans twice but did not get either. “Again, another pair of shoes has gone missing.”

LaserShip Response

Stoogenke asked LaserShip about the number of complaints and why certain items seem to arrive in its warehouse, but no further.

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The company sent out a statement saying, “Our top priority is and always has been our customers, and we share their frustration with package delays.”

The carrier went on to say, “Our team is working hard to ensure packages move through our network as quickly and safely as possible.”

Other companies

To compare, Stoogenke checked BBB’s complaints against other delivery companies. Amazon received around 9,000 complaints last year, but not all of them were about delivery. FedEx had about 6,000. UPS had about 2,200.

The BBB does not track complaints against government agencies, such as the US Postal Service.


Here’s what you need to know, regardless of the delivery company involved.

Your relationship is with the seller, not the carrier. So you have every right to hold the seller liable. Don’t let this company tell you otherwise.

Be sure to dispute the issue with this company.

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