Volga Shipping Company announces new builds



Volga Shipping Company will build the new RSD71 design seagoing bulk carriers. A large-scale fleet renewal program will begin with four mixed river-sea class vessels. The RSD71 project is developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. The work should start in 2021.

The Board of Directors of the Volga Shipping Company has approved the construction of new mixed-class dry cargo vessels and shipbuilding contracts. A series of the first four ships of the new RSD71 design will kick off Volga Shipping Company’s new fleet construction program. The program is scheduled until 2030 and includes the construction of approximately 20 dry cargo ships from this project.

“At this phase, we plan to build four dry cargo vessels of the new RSD71 project: delivery of the first two vessels is scheduled for 2022, followed by two more units in 2023,” said Yuri Gilts, Managing Director of Volga Shipping Company. .

The company plans to build two to four units each year, gradually renewing its fleet, replacing aging freighters in 5 to 8 years of the Omsk and Sormovsky classes. The renewal of the dry cargo fleet will allow the company to maintain and strengthen its position in the transport of export cargoes in the most demanded market sectors. The new RSD71 dry cargo vessel project will be multi-purpose, surpassing the capabilities of the Volgo-Don Max class.

The main significant advantage of the RSD71 project vessel over other modernly designed dry freighters is length. The overall length of the RSD71 vessel is 120 m. At the same time, the DWT ship at sea is 7170 t, and in the river – 4380 t. The main characteristics of the vessel will allow the new vessel to carry all the cargo carried by Volga Shipping Company, including cargo with restrictions on the size of the vessels. The RSD71 project sea-river-class mixed dry cargo vessel is optimized for operation with limited draft on the river and has an enhanced seaworthiness class, which will expand the area of ​​operation of the company’s fleet. .

The new ocean-going dry cargo ships will be equipped with the highest possible automation class and meet modern rules of energy efficiency and environmental compliance.

The ships will be built at the Okskaya JSC shipyard in the Nizhny Novgorod region, owned by the Volga Shipping Company. The project is being developed by the Volga Shipping Company in cooperation with the Marine Engineering Bureau.

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