Volga Shipping Company in 2021 made 17 trips for the transport of project goods

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Volga Shipping and its subsidiary Volgo-Baltic Logistic carried out the transport of various cargoes

In 2021, Volga Shipping Company and its subsidiary Volgo-Baltic Logistic successfully completed 17 trips for the transport of oversized cargo and projects.

During the year, dry cargo ships from the Volga Shipping Company fleet transported project cargoes from Europe to ports based in the Baltic and Caspian Seas, to ports on the Volga and Kama rivers, from Turkey to the ports of the White Sea. In particular, Volga Shipping made six shipments from Europe to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan of equipment intended for the development of offshore oil and gas fields; three trips for the transport of cargoes for the petrochemical industry of the Central and Volga Federal Districts; two cargo trips for the construction of an LNG terminal in the Murmansk region.

Each project was preceded by several months of systematic work. At the initial stage, the shipping company and its logistics operator carried out a market study, an express analysis of the possibility and feasibility of each transport contract with the participation of specialized structures, determined what type of vessel is optimal for a specific task. In preparation, Volga Shipping carried out engineering calculations, developed several transport solutions, the placement of cargo on board and its securing, as well as solutions for the loading / unloading of oversized equipment.

Thanks to such an integrated approach, Volga Shipping Company was able to successfully complete a round trip in summer navigation 2021 for the delivery of project cargo with loading at both ends.

For example, in early June, Volga Shipping was commissioned to deliver a cargo of industrial equipment for an oil company in the Caspian region from the Norwegian port of Drammen. The cargo was transported by the MV Rusich-11 and delivered in early July to the port of Baku, Azerbaijan. After unloading, the mixed river-sea cargo ship made a short transit to the Kazakh port of Bautino, to take on board the components of a crawler crane. Leaving the loading port at the end of August, the ship crossed the Lower Volga and the Don River, headed for the Sea of ​​Azov and made a sea voyage through the Black and Mediterranean Seas, the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the point of unloading destination – the Scottish port of Methil. In total, the MV Rusich-11 traveled over 12,000 nautical miles on this round-trip cargo trip.

During this year, the Volga Shipping Company’s ocean-going and mixed-class shore-sea vessels transported a total of some 11,000 tonnes of project cargo. Vessels involved in the transport project included: RSD49 series Neva-Leader type, DCV36 series, Amethyst type, 00101 Rusich and 01010 Valdai types, as well as the non-self-propelled sea bridge barge of Volgo- Type Baltika .

Volga Shipping Company affirms that the transport of projects and oversized cargo is one of the priority areas of its sustainable business development in the segment of river and mixed river-sea freight traffic. During the 2022 maritime season, the company plans to develop and implement new transport and logistics projects.

Founded in 1843, Volga Shipping Company is one of the largest shipping companies in Russia. The company’s operational fleet consists of around 250 units with a total deadweight of over 1.4 million tonnes. Each year, the company transports more than 14 million tonnes of goods. The range of services offered by Volga Shipping Company includes: the transport of dry bulk, general, liquid bulk and project cargo along the inland waterways of Russia by river, sea and international.

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