Volga Shipping Company opens the navigation season on the Upper Volga

Image source: Volga Shipping Company

In southern Russia, the company’s fleet has been operating since March 23

The Volga Shipping Company said that the opening ceremony of this year’s navigation season on the Upper Volga was held today, April 22, 2022. The first to pass the locks of the Gorodetsky hydrosystem in the region from Nizhny Novgorod were the ships of the Volga Shipping Company.

The ceremony was attended by the management of the Volga Shipping Company and the Volga Basin Administration, representatives of water transport regulators, executive authorities and public organizations, cadets of the Nizhny River Navigation School Novgorod from the name of IP Kulibin, media, etc.

During the ceremony, Rustam Galeyev, Administrative Director of Volga Shipping Company, said: “Volga Shipping Company continues to provide logistical support to the company’s traditional cargo base: grain, crushed stone, gravel, metal salt, products tankers and other cargoes”.

The flagships of this navigation season are the M/V Volgo Don 155 and the pusher tug ОТ 2443. They left lock No. 13 of the Gorodetsky hydrosystem and headed for Lake Onega to be loaded with crushed stone .

In southern Russia, the company’s fleet has been operational since March 23.

The company has prepared 186 inland and coastal shipping fleet units for the 2022 sailing season. In addition, more than 80 sea and river bulk carriers and tankers are deployed annually for the transport of dry bulk, project and liquid bulk. .

Founded in 1843, the Volga Shipping Company is one of Russia’s largest shipping companies. The fleet under operational management of the company has approximately 250 units with a total deadweight of over 1.4 million tonnes. The company transports more than 15 million tons of cargo per year.

The range of services offered by Volga Shipping Company includes: dry bulk, liquid bulk and project transportation along the inland waterways of Russia by river and international routes.

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