Yenisei River Shipping Company Meets 115% Annual Cargo Delivery Plan


The Yenisei River Shipping Company (YRSC, the main shareholder is Norilsk Nickel Company) during the current year navigation carried 2.8 million tons of cargo, which is 115% of the annual plan, reported the company Tuesday.

Sailing in the Krasnoyarsk region continues from May to autumn. The river route is used to bring shipments to the northern districts of the region.

“Yenisei River Shipping Company’s freight turnover during the 2021 shipping reached FTK 4 billion 261 million,” the company said. “The company delivered 2.8 million tonnes of freight, having 115 percent of the plan.”

The coronavirus pandemic has not affected work, the shipping company told TASS.

Most of the freight transported – 1.7 million tonnes – was delivered to Norilsk Nickel companies, including 787,000 tonnes of sand, which the special vessel of the shipping company extracts from the Chervinskoye field.

During the past navigation, the shipping company delivered about 480,000 tons of timber, 163,000 tons of petroleum products, most of which was delivered to Taimyr. The number of 20-foot containers has increased from 3,200 to 7,100, the company added. “In the future, this trend will continue: due to large-scale investment projects to develop the industrial district of Norilsk,” said the shipping company. “We plan to build the container yard. “

In navigation 2021, the Yenisei River Shipping Company used 415 vessels.

About the shipping company
The Yenisei River Shipping Company is the largest freight carrier along the waterways of the Yenisei River Basin. The company has the largest fleet of dry cargo ships and tankers in the region.
Source: TASS

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